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  • Company : Pipe Clean (Huicheng Digital Technology Co., Ltd.)

    Service : Cleaning apartments, house, companies, government's water pipes and factory machine pipe.

    E-MAIL: service@netyea.com

    Mobile: +886915888575

    VAT NO: 94028678


    Hsinchu Office Address: No. 313, Sec. 1, Dongning Rd., Zhudong Township, Hsinchu County 

    Taipei Office Address: No. 322, Dahu Road, Yingge District, New Taipei City

    Taichung Office Address: No. 261, Section 2, Hebei Road, Beibei District, Taichung City


    We are professional cleaning pipe company (the most case in Taiwan). We provide the latest washing technology and special washing technology of pipe. We can wash house/factory/hospital/school/factory machines pipe. We provide information, Example: pictures, movies, ad. You do not pay the other fee, Example:franchise.


    Business service:

    1. We can cleaning house, schools, restaurants, companies, and factory machines pipe.

    2. We provide technology transfer of pipe wash.



    We have the most cases and the experiences of clean water pipes in Taiwan.

    Not to rent a store, low pressure, big market, low risk, high reward

    * We have a fine reputation and case's experience.
    Using our's water pipe washer, We success case is 99.5%, Youcan  go to the  water our's company training.


    Why do you join us?

    We have 10 years experience of pipe wash.

    We produce pipe washer(easy to use).

    We provide training, document, website.


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